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Also available for purchase as a digital download in the following languages. The high performance leadership hpl project is designed to give the leader a chance to put into practice the skills needed for leadership. Fourteen characteristicsgrouped into five broad dimensionsare common to most high performance organizations. High performance leadership is for those in leadership positions, senior executives, directors, and heads of functions that want to inspire and motivate their teams in times of politicaleconomic uncertainty, influence others, and learn from the experience of other business leaders.

Our system has been triedandtested in a wide variety of bluechip organisations including over. Performance leadership model building high performance leaders successful leadership is not about being tough or soft, sensitive or assertive, but about a set of attributes. High performance leadership program toastmasters supplies. Leadership and management development series high performance. This speech is a required component of the actual project itself. Creating, leading and living in a high performance world. Leadership and management development series high performance leadership summary in todays rapidly changing environment, solving problems, making decisions and leading others can be especially challenging. Leadership leadership is aligned and effective deep within the organization. It is a word that inspires us to be our best, a word that we associate with those who have made the greatest difference in our lives. A must for anyone looking for extra cash or a full time. Building a high performance team courageous leaders. Performance leadership manual walks you through the projects different phases providing study material and activities to complete. Assess current leadership skills by answering a questionnaire and plotting results on a model. High performance leadership is a program of practical and experiential learning, delivered by leading teams expert facilitators.

This 10 day intensive training course has been specifically designed for professionals who want to significantly increase their ability to lead individuals and teams as well as gain a deeper understanding of the true meaning of a leadership. Principles of high performance leadership and the high performance leadership series, help you identify and build critical skills in individual team leaders, into future or existing teams, and into the overall organization, as well as develop new attributes of performance. Lynda silsbee is founder and president of performance dimensions group, a puget sound consulting firm specializing in helping organizations build high performance teams and effective organizations through strong leadership. Like any great architect, the high performance leader knows that he or she cannot go it alone. It shows the leader where she lies in the spectrum of leadership skills. The high performance leadership seriestm the high performance leadership seriestm is designed to meet the common training needs of medical center supervisors and managers. The high performance leadership training course covers the theories and tactics you would need as a leader to create a high performance atmosphere for your team in order to accomplish the desired results. Understanding leadership leadership is based on four distinct conversation groups. Most leadership courses are like this they give you a quick high, but dont. This program is ideal if you are an experienced executive who wants to get to the next level of effectiveness in leading yourself, other individuals, teams and large groups to their highest level of sustained performance.

The need for leadership, the six dimensions of leadership, your current leader ship skills, and becoming a more effective leader. High performance leadership toastmasters international. Nov 12, 2010 hpl the high performance leadership project 1. Creating, leading and living in a high performance world winter, graham on. Jul 22, 2014 an overview of the high performance leadership hpl project, one of the requirements for the toastmasters advanced leadership silver award. High performance leadership for new managers on this course, you will. Or can you overcome these leadership challenges, and if so, how.

Performance leadership group develop effective leadership. Human performance improvement leadership development and coaching. An overview of the high performance leadership hpl project, one of the requirements for the toastmasters advanced leadership silver award. Develop a list of leadership project ideas to be discussed with the guidance committee before selecting one. The first task is to build a topmanagement team that is committed to the new blueprint. It is essential to assess your leadership strengths, improve upon any weaknesses and understand how to motivate others to higher levels. Tips for achieving high performance through team work. The performance leadership system is a bestpractice approach that radically increases the impact of management and leadership teams.

Organizations need innovative, collaborative and courageous leaders. What separates highperforming leaders from average ones. High performance leadership fulfills one of the requirements for earning the advanced leader silver award in the toastmasters leadership track. Develop a clear understanding of the latest trends, theories and issues in leadership development 3. High performance leadership training course by tonex. As well as offering a learning opportunity, the program creates a forum for the discussion of leadership and the creation of peer networks among the group. Warren bennis the 21st century is seeing the emergence of a paradigm of leadership that is less. Fulfill als requirement november 10, 2006 silvana wasitova, dtm the highperformance leadership project. At high performance leadership hpl, you experience the training that successful business leaders and worldclass athletes use to consistently achieve great results. White paper developing high performance leadership teams.

High performance leadership think back to the last leadership development course you attended. High performance leadership hpl project toastmasters. Although there is widespread recognition that strong leadership is key in these challenging times, many companies provide only the tip of the iceberg of leadership development support. It looks like you do not appear to have javascript enabled in your browser and this website requires it to.

The project should be one that promises to make a positive contribution to a cause. After giving a disclaimer about high levels of competency and a deep expertise in their respective areas, i provided my top ten list of suggested attributes for leadership and team effectiveness. Jeff owens describes the idea for his high performance leadership project and asks the clubs support for it. Arabic, french, german, japanese, spanish, simplified chinese and traditional chinese. Highperformance leadership part one bringing out the best in you, so you can bring out the best in others leadership is a rich and meaningful word. A recent piece of research highlighted here on hbr focuses on the. You must develop leadership potential in others you want to enhance and expand your leadership styles for high impact your solution high performance leadership hpl six intensive days with the focus on you, your leadership styles, your vision, and the impact on your team, organization and customers. It stirs up a sense of idealism, excitement, hope and courage. Complete the quiz, assess your knowledge of leadership. Fulfill als requirement november 10, 2006 silvana wasitova, dtm the high performance leadership project.

Appreciate the essentials of leadership and develop high performing leadership skills 2. Club leadership handbook alb leadership excellence series alb successful club series alb and acs district leadership handbook als high performance leadership als success leadership program acg advanced leadership manuals. The leadership excellence award after you complete the program and submit an application, you will receive an award certificate recognizing your participation. The focus of this project is to design and complete a project with welldefined goals, lead a team and be accountable to a guidance.

Many leadership teams strive to be a team, talk as if they are a team but in fact have so li. Tips for achieving high performance through team work research shows that highly productive teams give as much attention to how they work togethertheir communication and coordinationas they do to their work tasks and results. The high performance leadership certificate program is a thorough and interactive guide to becoming a highperforming proactive leader in any functional context within an organizationfrom the csuite to operations, hr, it, manufacturing, and beyond. I was asked yesterday by a ceo client to list what i thought were the essential characteristics of high performing leaders and team members. Additional guidance committee handbook for high performance leadership. Such leadership requires working with a spirit and set of values that emphasize worthwhile contributions. The high performance leadership model is radically different from the old leaderfollower paradigm. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If youre like the business leaders i talk to, the course was probably fun and inspiring, but looking at your organization a month later, there was no lasting change. High performance leadership program service leadership service leadership requires the capacity to lead both with a focus on service to those benefiting from the end result, and those who do the work in achieving the objectives. High performance leadership leadership training program. This series offers two tracks one for experienced leaders and one for those with less leadership experience and knowledge. Highperformance organizations boston consulting group. The strengths and weaknesses can be determined by conducting and participating in an hpl project.

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