Leigh d3 dovetail jig manual

Jun 21, 2018 detailed instructions and setup for the leigh d4r pro dovetail jig. The leigh superjig dovetail jig will help you cut an infinite variety of joints, and all of its major functions are described in detail in this manual, plus theres a slideout quick reference guide underneath the jig. Greetings all i have a leigh d3 dovetail jig, which gets used from time to time not as much as i would like, but it does get used. Used in conjunction with the d4r pro user guide, they provide easytouse icons and color coding for. Sold by routerbitworld and ships from amazon fulfillment. Place the jig on your bench top so the front lap rests against the front of the bench top. The top side stops have a 38 recess for rabbeted boards. Leigh d3 dovetail jig canadian woodworking and home. Easily attached without modification to the jig using the included hardware, this is an effective solution to a notoriously tricky dustcollection situation. The router is positioned between the adjustable control arms that are fitted to suite any size router base and attached to the vacuum chute below. If you already own the leigh mortise and tenon attachment, fit its extended support brackets and use for all finger joint and dovetail procedures. The manual provides details on how to adjust the setup to achieve flush. Easy setup and operation of leigh s super dovetail jig. User guide leigh dovetail jigs and mortise tenon jigs.

What other items do customers buy after viewing this. Also comes with a couple extra sets of dovetail router bits. Bring your leigh d series jig including d4, d4r and d1258 up to d4r pro specification with this great kit of parts. Manual figure 1 shows the dovetail jig with handles. If not, click on the icon below to download it from the adobe website. Leigh recommends rigid, cleancutting solid carbide upcut spiral bits. Of the jigs i looked at within what i wanted to spend, the leigh jig was the most flexible and capable. So based on my past experiences with dovetail jigs, these are the models i will be comparing the super jig to. No other jigs equal the versatility and precision of leigh super jigs. As you might expect, a dovetail jig with all this capability wont be cheap. And its stepbystep sections cover the wide variety of dovetails you can cut with the leigh jig. And its stepby step sections cover the wide variety of dovetails you can cut with the. Page 1 leigh rtj400 router table dovetail jig user guide dedicated customer support 18006638932 page 2. D4 user guide leigh dovetail jigs and mortise tenon jigs.

Instructional videos and user guides leigh dovetail jigs and. Leigh accessory kit for super 24 dovetail jig, bits and vrs. For general template routing, not for use on leigh jigs. If you unable to open a pdf, check that you have the latest version of adobe reader. Leigh s ingenious vrs provides router support and dustfree routing. Feb 12, 2007 greetings all i have a leigh d3 dovetail jig, which gets used from time to time not as much as i would like, but it does get used. It automatically follows the router when routing the joint or when the router is parked off to the side, which means its. Through dovetails concept of operation, board width. This upgrade kit for all leigh d4 or d4r owners will enable you to produce. The manual that comes with the jig is one of the most detailed ive ever seen. Leigh has the best warranty in the industry, plus a 90day satisfaction guarantee. If you already own the leigh mortise and tenon attachment, fit the extended sup port brackets.

There is virtually no way the suction can reach the bit. The leigh instructions are the best that i have ever seen for any woodworking equipment. After spending many hours reading the manual and creating a dozen test joints, i found the jig to create reasonably tight and accurate joints. These were in a box of guides and manuals of all sorts many to become separated from their tool or machine. Ive had this jig for a good 4 or so years and have primarily used it for 12 blind dovetails for drawers. On this weeks show, i demonstrate how to cut through dove tails using a leigh dove tail jig. Some d4 and d4r jig owners already have extended brackets. See how you can rout single pass halfblind dovetails and two sizes of box joints using your dovetail. Leigh d4r pro 24 inch dovetail jig highland woodworking. The revolutionary leigh vrs vacuum and router support is the ultimate waste control and router support for your leigh dovetail jig. Using this dovetail jig and storage stand without first securing it poses the risk of serious personal injury or damage to your power tools. Rout variably spaced through dovetails and halfblind dovetails in a variety of material sizes and thicknesses in two passes. Complete user guide d3 user guide d3 parts and diagram.

You now own a most useful and versatile dovetailing tool. Instructional videos and user guides leigh dovetail jigs. The template guide used with isolocs is provided with the templates, and its one of the systems strong points. D3 user guide leigh dovetail jigs and mortise tenon jigs. Super jigs leigh super jigs 12 18 and 24 inch dovetail jigs. For someone that has recently acquired one of these jigs this manual and user guide would be very handy. Dovetail router jigs canadian woodworking magazine. How dovetail jig geometry in order to fully utilize these techniques, it is helpful to have an understanding of the geom. Like its predecessor, the d4r easily produces handmade looking dovetail pins and tails. The precisionmachined aluminum templates fit on leigh dovetail jigs, with no modification required. Leigh was great about sending the require bushing but it took a week. If not, mark the arrow pointers on the standard support brackets 1 with a dark felt pen. Leigh s new vrs system vacuum and router support will make your dovetail routing a dustfree experience.

Page 4 the leigh jigs guidefinger assembly can be in any one of four joint modes, depending on what type of joint and which part of the joint you are routing. Page 10 remove the dovetail finger assem bly, front clamp bar and springs. Please read wanted to purchase leigh dovetail jig queensland. I get a little frustrated with the wee little plastic stops for aligning the wood square to the jig.

So on a dovetail jig, the only effective dust collection will occur below the router. The leigh d4r dovetail jig is the ultimate variable finger dovetail jig, made by the people who invented variable finger jigs. Also included is a 128mm reducer for your 12 router collet. My first impression was that the jig was very lightweight. Locate the mounting holes in the rear and front of the jig. Before attempting to use this dovetail jig and storage stand, please clamp or screw the base to your workbench. Follow all safety precautions listed within the dovetail jig operations manual and those. The leigh d4r pro dovetail jig will help you rout an infinite variety of joints, and all of its major functions are described in detail in this guide. Whether its through dovetails that join the wide panels of a cabinet, or halfblind dovetails that keep a drawer front in place through repeated use, you can be sure a dovetail is a sign. Leigh d4 24 dovetail jig, 4 leigh isoloc templates, festo of 2000e router and parts.

Create the look of handcut dovetails on stock up to 24 wide with your router and the leigh d4r pro dovetail jig. Table of contents customer support the rtj400 is covered by the following patent. The leigh jig was used to cut halfblind dovetails at all four corners. Variably spaced through and halfblind dovetails are standard on. Each user guide is also available as a downloadable pdf. Learn about the joinery upgrade kit for early model leigh dovetail jigs. Most leigh user guides are in a larger format now, with the same content, high quality images and detailed text, as the previous guides. I recently bought a leigh dovetail jig model 1285r, which predates the d3 and d4 models, but is otherwise identical. Additional dovetail bits can be purchased from leigh. If you already own the leigh mortise and tenon attachment, fit the. I cut dados sized to accept luaun plywood for the top and bottom.

Leigh dovetail jigs set a standard that no other jig can match. Apr 11, 2011 easy setup and operation of leigh s super dovetail jig. Detailed instructions and setup for the leigh d4r pro dovetail jig. Leigh guide bushings dovetail jigs highland woodworking. This kit, along with a minor finger modification, enables you to rout single pass halfblind dovetails and two sizes of finger box joints with your leigh jig s dovetail finger assembly. Mounting your d4 for models with serial number d486382 or higher 65. The ultimate dovetailing jig with a full 24600mm capacity, the leigh d4r pro. For the leigh d4r pro 24 inch dovetail jig 92 pages. It comes with the original leigh bit and accessory set, the original user guide, a vacuum attachment with directions for set up and use and an instructional video dvd. Leigh joinery upgrade kit for early model leigh dovetail jigs. The d4r features adjustable guide fingers, freeing you from the need to dimension your workpiece to suit the jig and providing infinite options for pin and tail width and spacing. The leigh dovetail jig instruction manual is the best written, best illustrated i have ever seen. Has some damage from some of it getting wet at some point. Vrs vacuum and router support for the leigh dovetail jigs.

Some pages have spots by spine where the water also got them wet and stuck together. Leigh d4 dovetail jig 24 inch for sale online ebay. I believe leigh just came out with a vacuum attachment that does just that. Lately a lot of questions have been asked about the leigh dovetailing jig. For everyone but the aforementioned toilet paper and yoyo deficient group the leigh dovetail jig manual is complete, userfriendly and anything but complicated. The vacuum chute is easily attached to any leigh jig and glides effortlessly from side to side on nylon rollers. D3 instructional video and user guides click on the links below to see the complete video or chapter videos. The 8mm shank size will significantly reduce the amount of chatter and offer a cleaner cut. I added the leigh super jig to my collection of dovetail jigs, which already included a p. After reading a lot about it on the pond and in woodworking magazines, i finally bought one at woodworkers warehouse. You will find, upon opening the box, that the model number d24 leigh jig requires some minor assembly. I purchased my leigh 125824 dovetail jig about 15 years ago and have upgraded it to function identical to a leigh d4. The infinitely adjustable fingers mean that you can let your creativity run free and design unique variably sized and spaced joints with 100% accuracy.

The new d4r24 jig features a one piece aluminum extrusion base with machinedin non marring textured clamping surfaces and machinedin side stops on the top and front of the jig body. Page 2 your new leigh dovetail jig congratulations. Jig upgrades leigh dovetail jigs and mortise tenon jigs. The clear, informative 79page manual describes all aspects of the jig and its potential. Extra instruction manual for leigh d4r pro dovetail jig. Click here to see d4r pro videos other click on the links below to view or download the complete user guide or individual chapters. Scribe the hole locations and determine whether to use nuts and bolts, or screws. I have a leigh dovetail jig and i experience problems with it which have driven me to making hand dovetails. For your enjoyment is this manual titled d4 user guide leigh dovetail jig. Leigh user guides leigh dovetail jigs and mortise tenon jigs. Leigh super jig accessory kits include a vacuum and router support vrs and 7piece boxed leigh router bit set. It was packed with an e10 bushing instead of the require e7 bushing. The key feature of the leigh 1258d4 dovetail jig is its ability to layoutmachine variablespaced, equalspaced, symmetrical, and asymmetrical through and halfblind dovetail joints.

Leigh dovetail jigs leigh jigs for sale highland woodworking. After looking at the manual and other pieces i would store in this box, i decided to make it 2 1116inches tall, 17inches wide and 12inches deep, fronttoback. Sep 03, 2007 on a dovetail jig, the bit is below the base, the jigs fingers, and is housed by a guide bushing. How to use the leigh d4r pro dovetail jig part 1 youtube. The accessory kit includes the vrs vacuum and router support, for fullwidth router support and dustfree routing, as well as a 12 piece leigh bit set. Super jigs dovetail jigs have many of the same features as the leigh d4r pro dovetail jig, and offer great value. For use with a 12 router only, the jig arrives with dovetail and straight bits, two guide bushing sets and a hex wrench for stop adjustments. I took several board feet of poplar and about 10 hours to figure this out. The jig came with a free vrs the vacuum attachment. Leigh instructional videos and user guides links to instructional videos and downloadable pdf files of user guides are provided here for your support. Leigh d4 24 dovetail jig for sale canadian woodworking and. Cmt leigh d4 jig piece set, and leigh 14 pice set. Through dovetails are simple with the leigh d4r pro. There are 14 dovetail bits 11 never used, and tools.

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