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Intellipda shown with serial temperature acquisition device, makes easy work of. Bimetal thermometers marsh pressure gauges from marsh. A bimetallic strip is made of two thin strips of metals which have different coeffcients of expansion. The maximum ambient temperature of the case should be. A bimetallic dial thermometer, commonly known as a bimetal thermometer, is installed at the point of measurement and is usually read from that location. Marsh instruments bimetal thermometers combine the benefits of economy and reliability for local mounted temperature. Each ashcroft industrial bimetal thermometer is backed by a limited five year warranty. Provision should be made for extreme temperature conditions. A bimetal thermometer can be used at an oper ating temperature anywhere throughout its dial range. A complete range of vibrationproof thermometers and probes for diesel engines, compressors and. The bimetallic thermometer uses the bimetallic strip which converts the temperature into the mechanical displacement. All sales subject to standard terms and conditions. Direct mounted thermometers with all stainless steel construction and hermetically sealed cases are designed for use in demanding industrial applications. A liquidinglass thermometer consists of a capillary glass tube with a bulb at one end filled with a thermometric liquid, vacuumed and sealed.

A bimetal thermometer can be used at an operating temperature anywhere throughout its dial range. No bimetal thermometer should be exposed continuously to process temperatures over 800f 425c. Learn more about the 300 series industrial type bimetal thermometers with external reset. The bimetallic strip is in the form of a cantilever beam. Thermometers measure their own temperature, not that of the surroundings except if in thermal equilibrium. Temperature measurement devices 1 thermometers thermowells temperature measurement devices bimetal thermometers and thermowells accurate to 1 % of full scale in accordance with asme b40. For smaller engines rueger can also deliver a bimetal exhaust gas. The working of the bimetallic strip depends on the thermal expansion property of the metal. Reotemps otemp bimetal thermometers are reliable and accurate temperature sensors requiring no electricity or wiring. Bimetal thermometers should be checked for calibration if dropped, exposed to. Variangle is a registered trademark of weiss instruments, inc.

This product brochure provides you with a view of teltru quality as well as all the information you need to select the bimetal thermometer most appropriate for. Our pdf merger allows you to quickly combine multiple pdf files into one single pdf document, in just a few clicks. The otemp line is designed for oem applications in a variety of industrial applications where a more economical option is needed. The bimetallic thermometer consists of a bimetallic strip. The two metal strips are joined together by brazing, welding or reveting so that the relative motion between them is arrested. Temperature measurement devices, bimetal thermometers and. The bimetal thermometer was designed to be a less accurate, but more rugged. They combine high precision with very high stability over time. There is a long history of superior quality in engineering, manufacturing and customer service of these products. This product brochure provides you with a view of teltru quality as well as all the information you need to select the bimetal thermometer most. The thermal expansion is the tendency of metal in which the volume of metal changes with the variation in temperature. Stainless steel thermometer all industrial manufacturers.

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